Daily tasks would sometimes bring stress and exhaustion. Sticking to a hectic schedule every day may lead to a job burnout. People have their own ways of relieving that kind of stress and have their personal way of letting go of these pressures; most of us choose music as part of our relaxation.  Everyone wants to have the time of their lives every once in a while. Clarkton Hotel is up for that kind of chance giving you your moment and let those tensions out through singing. Music is ageless and no matter how tired you are, once you hear the beat of the drums or the tune of your favorite song, you cannot resist the good feeling it gives you. Mirror’s KTV is the key to your long time dream of singing your heart out. It is not your ordinary karaoke bar; the area is uniquely designed making you the center of attraction and claim that time of having your own concert. Mirror’s KTV provides quality music with the German-made High Tech Karaoke System that sounds beautifully. You can choose from a variety of song choices perfect for all ages. Whether it’s Classical, Contemporary or even the latest songs from the top music charts are offered. You can opt for your song to be in English, Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, Tagalog and French. Moreover, Mirror’s KTV is a sound proofed facility so as not to interfere with the tranquility of the other guests.  If you went hungry by giving all your best in singing, you can order from the Panorama Restaurant where delectable cuisines are offered. Pool tables can also add up to your merriment, enjoying the good music will be more fun to listen to while showing your skills in pool having the best drinks served by lovely food attendants who will give you the service that you deserve. Mirror’s KTV is open from 6:00pm to 3:00am and is located in the New Building at the ground floor alongside the swimming pool area.

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Mirrors KTV Karaoke Drink Menu


Mirrors KTV Karaoke Songlist