Panorama Restaurant is known with its highly recommended food served by our accommodating food attendants and prepared by our world-class chefs that definitely sums up the whole Panorama experience. It is an exceptional venue to enjoy the different mouthwatering cuisines from all over the world that tourists will surely love. It is an in-house diner of Clarkton Hotel that serves sumptuous meal with its festive food and a variety of choice from local and international dishes. Panorama Restaurant is well known with its Daily Buffet that is absolutely satisfying and will certainly make you crave for more. Breakfast Buffet is from 7:00am until 1:00pm and Dinner Buffet is from 5:00pm until 10:00pm every day. We also offer our Special Sunday Roast from 5:00pm until 10:00pm. Clarkton Hotel’s exclusive signature dish makes Panorama Restaurant as one of the highly regarded dining place. We offer the most delighting fine dining experience that is second to none. “Panorama” means an uninterrupted view of a whole picture, that is why Clarkton Hotel made the whole place surrounded by glass windows overlooking the pool area and the scenic view of the intricate design of the New Building. Indeed, Panorama Restaurant is a spectacular place to sup with because of the light colored theme of the chairs and tables that makes a sophisticated look especially at night. We also have our specialties that are delicately cooked and served fresh for our customers. Walk-in customers are also welcome to try and unfold the beauty of our first-class diner. We also offer our specially made drinks and all time-favorite beverages from our “Mabuhay Bar” served by our attendants who are ready to assist you anytime.