Massage Treatments

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Massage or as others call it a “rubdown” is a relaxing way to soothe our body pains and fatigues. It is also a good way to ease our anxiety and mental stress that often adds up to the physical pangs that we suffer. Clarkton’s Medical Spa services include sets of therapies that are really a “must-try”. With the expertise coming from the professional medical team of Vital life Spring, alternative methods that are offered in our spa are all in all commendable. We have manual therapies, electrotherapies, hydrotherapies and other therapies that will benefit our health by keeping the balance of a good lifestyle and positive outlook. Aside from the treatments that were mentioned, we do have some massage treatments that you may wish to try and see for yourself the satisfying results. First, we have the Fomentation Treatment, you may choose from hot and cold fomentation depending on the ailment that you are suffering from. During the olden times, fomentation has been one of the effective ways to cure various diseases. It is different from hot and cold compress; fomentations are applications of compress focused on a specific part of the body that serve as a remedy for flu, peptic ulcer, coughs, arthritis, bronchitis,  and pneumonia. The heat coming from this treatment relaxes the stiff tissues and muscles. Moreover, Whole Body Charcoal Wrap is another innovative massage treatment that Vital Life Spring is currently offering. It is a calming therapy with great effects to the body. The answer for a slimmer waist and a healthier skin awaits you as you literally cover your body with the charcoal powder detox specially made by Clarkton’s Vital Life Spring Spa. Lastly, we are also offering a Jacuzzi bath tubs for a leisure time to unwind by getting the benefits given by sitting on one of the modernized Jacuzzi tubs of Vital Life Spring. It is not only for a lavish spending, it is proven to be one of the therapeutic ways to reduce our physical and mental stress.