Manual Therapy

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Clarkton Hotel’s Medical Spa offers four kinds of manual therapies that help us ease the pain and apply alternative methods to lessen physical stress we get from our tiring work and daily exhaustion from our everyday activities. The first therapy is known as the “Shiatsu” Massage, a Japanese term that means “finger pressure”. Compared to the other manual therapies, Shiatsu massage can be done without the use of oil; you just need to wear clothes that are loosed enough for you to have a better effect of the massage. The effects are similar to the acupuncture but in this massage, the fingers actually apply the force to a certain part of the body. Harmony and balance are the most important aspect of the body and through Shiatsu Massage, the body heals itself with the increased blood flow and the mind and body feels more relaxed.  Next is the Hot Stone Massage, it is a therapy wherein the heated stones act as a hot compress that relieves muscle strains. These stones are carefully sanitized and heated right before you arrive at the clinic. It was a modernized technique of healing back in the old times when Indigenous Americans used it to cure their muscle pains. Another manual therapy is the famous Swedish massage, among all the massage techniques; this is the most common massage that people usually avail. It is the typical hand strokes to the body that involves four types. Effleurage, or massage in a circular motion that often loosen strained body tissues. Petrissage, it is the pummeling of the specific region of the body. Friction, with a similar circular motion like unto Effleurage but it needs much force to let other tissues rub against another and literally creates chafing of the tissues. Lastly, the last Swedish massage type is Tapotement or the short tapping or striking of the body repeatedly that can be done in four ways, it is either by cupping, hacking, beating or plucking. In addition to these, there is also what we call the Cupping or Ventoza, an alternative remedy that involves the use of suction of the cups to regulate the circulation of the blood. Many have believed that during the Ancient times, cupping was used to withdraw evil spirits from the body with the use or metal or earthen vessel s for a cup. It originally came from the Egyptians way of healing in 1,550 B.C.; it was just recently that therapists used glass cups for this method. Lastly, we have the Synchronized massage, the entire healing of the body. It is actually done by two therapists for one client; both of them will caress your whole body in a rhythmic way with coordination to have a more soothing effect. These are the four types of manual therapy that Clarkton Hotel’s Medical Spa has to offer. It will not only soothe the body but will also help relax the mind for a more refreshed wellbeing.