ATM – Money Machine

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Clarkton's ATM

Clarkton Hotel’s Security Bank ATM is situated near the parking lot our 2nd ATM in the Lobby area and you don’t need to go further once you decided to have your transaction. Also, it is located where you are clearly seen by our Security Personnel for safety and precautionary measures. As of today, Clarkton Hotel’s ATM‘s belongs to one of the leading banks in the Philippines wherein BancNet, Visa, Master Card, MegaLink, Diner’s Club and JCB Cards are accepted.

2 ATM available in Lobby and closed the Free Shuttle

  • Metrobank ATM

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  • Security Bank ATM

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ATMs bring us convenience and ease whenever we need the urgency to take out some cash. As part of the world’s innovation, ATM became one of man’s necessities in life. Aside from the fact that ATM Cards today are widely used as a Debit Card, ATMs made bank operations easier without the need to fill out forms to withdraw our money.

Another advantage is we don’t need to fall in a long waiting line to complete our settlement, and if our personal bank is located overseas, we are still allowed to engage into a banking service, it will only require us to pay any surcharges herein. There is a lower risk of having our money stolen in an ATM since we are the only authorized person that can access our accounts and therefore we are the sole owner of our unique PINs, unlike in physical cash, once it’s lost, we are not entitled to get it back.

If ever we lose our ATM cards, burglars cannot easily enter into our accounts without them knowing our PINs. Every bank has their own customer service hotline in case problems like these happen. Clarkton Hotel placed an ATM right outside the corner of the entrance door. You may withdraw and check your balance at your own convenient time. Like a normal ATM proceedings, you may transfer cash, pay your bills and change your PIN and settings of your account.