For the longest time that Clarkton Hotel is serving its guests, we have never failed to delight them and continuously satisfy them by giving our 100% effort in carrying out our job. We are proud that we still stick to the conventional way of cooking our dishes and one of the highlights of our in-house diner is our Wooden Fired Oven. We thought of our own way to express the exquisiteness of our cuisines by making it more special. With the rapid change the world has gone through, most of the people have left the customary practices in cooking and have shifted to the easier way. However, Clarkton Hotel along with its prominent tenacity in the business world, has not forgotten how they were loved by a lot of guests.

We want our guests to really have a taste of the authenticity of our menu without compromising the delectable taste of it. We make the best and freshly baked pizzas, all-time favorite Italian dishes and many other dishes that are usually cooked in the oven. Clarkton Hotel’s Wooden Fired Oven complements to the cooking prowess of our chefs and culminates to the commendable cuisines ever made. You can have a closer look of our Wooden Fired Oven located at the Panorama Restaurant and see how perfection is served.


" Come to Clarkton and eat like home "