Quality time in group dates are usually set on special occasions and because of our everyday work, the only free time we have is mostly during the evening. Family gatherings, group hangouts or simple dinner treats are few of the things we do after work because it is absolutely a rewarding thing to do. Indeed, spending time with our loved ones is one of the greatest things in life. Clarkton Hotel is known with our motto “Come to Clarkton and feel like home” and it has been our commitment to our guests ever since. It is just how we call for our family members when it is dinner time; Clarkton Hotel desires to make you feel the same way once you dine in our Panorama Restaurant. Of course, we are not only dedicated in creating a stronger bond with your loved ones; we are also here to deliver you delectable dishes that will most certainly add up to your dinner merriment. Here at Clarkton Hotel’s Panorama Restaurant, we are offering you our Dinner Buffet from 5:00PM up to 10:00PM where you will have a taste of our cuisines that are oozing with goodness. Each night, our chefs prepare sets of meals differently with various meal categories such as Pork, Beef, Chicken, Teppanyaki, Seafood, Vegetarian, Sizzling, Salads, Soups and Desserts. You may opt for Clarkton Hotel’s specialties and Pizzas that are specially baked from our Wooden Fired Oven. Additional orders are also available and for that we have Baked Beans, Cracker, French Fries, Fried Rice, Garlic Rice, Ham,  Hotdog (Red), Local Cheese, Mashed Potato, Mixed Vegetable, Pan Fried Potato, Plain Rice and Swiss Cheese. What makes this Dinner Buffet more special is the aura of the Panorama Restaurant wherein the glimmering lights of the hotel are reflected by our Swimming Pool and therefore creates a stunning view from the dining area. Another good thing about our Dinner Buffet is our food attendants that are prompt and attentive once you need their assistance. If you happen to set your family or firends night out, Clarkton Hotel’s dinner buffet is here to make your night worthwhile.

Dear Valued Guest, We would like to inform all of our loyal hotel guests and local customers that the breakfast and dinner buffet will be closing effective on April 1st, 2018.

After 18-years of service we would like to renovate the restaurant and deliver a new concept.
The buffet will open again once the changes are complete.

Thank you for your continued patronage!

Clarkton Hotel & Panorama Restaurant