Everyone needs a good morning meal for a better way to start the day. Each and every one of us prefers different kinds of breakfasts; it can be a heavy meal, a light snack or simply a sumptuous meal that fills us up to prepare us for a long and active day ahead. Clarkton Hotel offers a daily morning treat to our guests, with a lot of food selections to choose from, surely, we have something for everybody.   Our breakfast buffet serves you from 7:00A.M. up to 1:00P.M. every day. This includes world-class breakfast meals that are worth trying so as to have an idea how do other countries start  their day with their distinctively morning food preferences. For those who want a taste of the European style of meal we have Strammer Max, a German inspired morning favorite, Egg Benedict, French Toast and our own version of European Breakfast meal. Moreover, we also have all-time favorite American breakfast, Steak & Egg and the fully loaded Filipino Breakfast. Others may choose to begin their day with a light breakfast that will suffice their morning and they can choose from our Pancakes, Cornflakes, Oatmeal, Omelet and Fresh Fruit platter meals. Panorama Restaurant features “create your own breakfast” style where you may opt for additional food with choices such as Bacon, Longganisa, Butter, Jam, Fried Egg, Corned Beef, Bread Roll, German Toast, and White Toast. It is like an early festivity to our guests once they dine with our breakfast buffet. Clarkton Hotel’s Panorama Restaurant brings you a definitely satisfying morning initiated by the festive food served within your reach.

Dear Valued Guest, We would like to inform all of our loyal hotel guests and local customers that the breakfast and dinner buffet will be closing effective on April 1st, 2018.

After 18-years of service we would like to renovate the restaurant and deliver a new concept.
The buffet will open again once the changes are complete.

Thank you for your continued patronage!

Clarkton Hotel & Panorama Restaurant