Clarkton Hotel’s Panorama Restaurant is one of the highly regarded dining places in town. Mouth watering dishes await you, served with our delightful food attendants in a cordial and pleasant ambience. We offer local and international cuisines that will surely suit everybody’s choices. From our menu, we serve a variety of categories of food and aside from the common appetizer, main course, and dessert items; we offer a full menu wherein every food type is classified. Our Panorama Restaurant offers our very own Clarkton’s specialty menu, Breakfast Menu, Sandwiches, Main Dishes, Teppanyaki, Sizzling Dishes, Salads, Pizzas, Seafood, Sausages, Asian Dishes, American Dishes, European Dishes, Soups and Desserts. Every dish is well garnished and prepared by our highly skilled chefs together with our proficient kitchen staff. We always make sure that our food is served in perfection and we have our high hopes that we will surely delight your taste buds in a more exceptional manner. We aim to be more focused on the exclusivity of our dishes especially our distinct and unique ways of cooking. That is why our main highlight in Panorama Restaurant is our Wooden Fired Oven utilized professionally by our chefs and that is where the magic starts. Different cuisines and meals we present are meticulously cooked and sophisticatedly prepared. Since we are looking forward to leave a great impression to our guests, we have created our signature dishes that will make you keep coming back for more. We have our Chicken Curry “Clarkton Style”, Grilled Chicken Fillet, Baked Camembert, and German Meatloaf with fried egg, Wienerli, and Rye Bread with a side dish of your choice.

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