Clarkton Hotel’s Vital Life Spring promotes health and wellness by providing beneficial health services done by our professional medical team. They are highly skilled in rendering alternative therapies and giving educational health consultations. They also give informative seminars wherein we may fully understand how our bodies stimulate its inner ability to regulate and heal itself. Furthermore, they also offer natural herbal products and organic foods that will help nurture our body in a natural way. They offer Vitamin supplements with specified health claims beyond their usual physiologic function. Vitamins are micronutrients which are required in very small amounts for specific physiologic processes.

Vital Life Spring provides one of a kind experience with their various techniques performed by experts in field of therapy. Oscillotonometer , Acupuncture, BRI Scan, Ear Candling  belongs to the therapy system of Vital Life Spring that are undeniably  indispensable to thoroughly give excellent service that will lead to satisfying results.

Therapists usually recommend the most beneficial method needed by the patient depending on their condition. In addition to these, they are also offering a variety of massage techniques such as Shiatsu Massage that will effectively ease muscle strains and twinges, Hot Stone Massage that helps loosen the excruciating pain in our body, Swedish Massage which invigorates the body making it more energetic, Cupping/Ventoza that relieves stress and reduces depression and their Synchronize massage which improves the blood flow harmonizes both body and mind. Clarkton’s Vital Life Spring has so much to offer, feel free to visit their spa located at the New Building Ground floor near Mirror’s KTV and its open from 9:00am to 6:00pm every day.