Body embellishments and fashionable ornaments often add to the elegance and sophistication of a person, particularly the ladies. The most precious things in the world are mostly the most expensive and valuable possession a person can have.  A lot of people keep their precious jewels with significance and with a high sentimental value. We may feel regretful once these treasures were broken and we have no choice but to keep it without having the chance to use or wear it. Clarkton Hotel found a solution to this kind of predicament that you are suffering. We now have our in-house Master Goldsmith, Mr. Paul Gächter who specializes in jewel crafts and modification. His expertise is incomparable for his eyes are surely sensitive that every jewel he makes end up beautifully. He will meticulously   give your precious gems a makeover for he offers a variety of service that will exactly make it good as new. He can turn your bright idea into a concrete artifact or restore the timeless beauty of your jewelry. Jewels and precious stones are your best friends when special occasions come. These are the perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations. Our Master Goldsmith is also selling his work of art with a reasonable price and if you might want to sell your jewelry, we are giving the highest appraisal offer that go with its rightful worth. Clarkton Hotel’s Master Goldsmith is located at the ground floor near the Main Lobby right beside our Travel Scout counter and Law Office.

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