Clarkton Hotel is not only a place to lodge in to spend your leisure time with family and loved ones. It is a place where you can still do your business appointments while having the luxury of your time. Mostly of the time, we have guests who come from the corporate world that needs to do their agendas even at their most convenient time. More often than not, business meetings are done in an exclusive restaurant, rented function hall or through video conference. But usually, there will be business matters that are to be discussed in a closed door conference. It will be troublesome to those businessmen who are staying in a hotel and yet their meeting place will be far from where they are staying that is why Clarkton Hotel sought to find the most convenient way to solve this dilemma of yours. Conference Room is a perfect venue for you to hold any kind of business meeting. It is a closed conference room with a large round table at the center surrounded by comfortable chairs and the room itself is structured in a formal manner with one large screen monitor and electric socket at the top to any gadget and equipments you need in your meeting. You can enjoy all of these perks with only P1,000.00 per hour with P500.00 worth of food from Clarkton Hotel’s food menu. No need to spend a lot of money just to have a proper meeting with your clients, superiors and bosses. Clarkton Hotel made it all easy for you and we are here to help you spend your time productively. Conference room is located at the ground floor near out Kaffee Kultur.

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