Guests who belong to the corporate world have a lot of daily commitments and appointments. They are required to be abreast with the updates regarding their important agendas and preparing reports and documents is one of their top priorities. Going from one place to another just to have their documents ready will consume a lot of time and effort.  Clarkton Hotel offers a multi-purpose and fully equipped office that will suffice your business needs. It contains personal computers connected with an internet, photocopying machines for colored and black and white copies, fax machines and printers. These are the essential equipments every business people needs and it is all accessible just visit the main lobby and you can see the Business Center right from the corner near the souvenir shop. It is open from 8:00am to 11:00pm every day. Clarkton Hotel understands your obligations being in the business world and they make sure that they will be of help to you even in your busiest moment.