Hair Coloring

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For most of us, Hair Coloring is part of our lifestyle, to some it is just a fashion statement. But for others, hair coloring is a manifestation of a new look and a start of a new phase of life. Since our hair is our crowning glory, it plays an important role to our everyday look. Clarkton Hotel’s in-house Beauty Shop managed by Miss Tess is located near the Main Lobby and is offering Hair Coloring services. Hair coloring is one way to add style to our physical appearance for it emphasizes the different aspects of our visage. Every color means something about your character, like for redheads, they are known to be free-spirited, blondes are frankly honest; brunettes are dependable while black-haired women are reserved. Though these are just assumptions, it actually says something about our personality. Clarkton’s Beauty Shop is willing to give you that vibrant look and make your inner beauty shine and show that glow in you. We use popular hair coloring brands to give you the best results possible. L’oreal, Wella and Revlon are some of the products that we apply and these will surely suit your desired outcome. We have a wide range of color selections so you can have a lot options to choose from. Our hairstylists recommend the best color that goes well with your beauty.