Other Therapies

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Clarkton Hotel’s Medical Spa offers a wide variety of therapies; we have manual therapy, electrotherapy and other therapies such as Body Alkalizer, Laetrile Injection, Vitamin Infusion and Sodium Bicarbonate Infusion. The first one is the Body Alkalizer, our body needs an amount of alkaline to eradicate unwanted toxins such as bad cholesterol, fatty acids and kidney stones. The more alkaline present in the body, the healthier we are. What a body alkalizer usually does is to boost our level of alkalinity and to strengthen our immune system that helps prevent you from illnesses. On the other hand, we also have Laetrile Injection, Laetrile is also known as Vitamin B17 or the scientific term “Amygdalin” that has been used as a treatment for cancer.  Naturally, this component is usually found in apricot seeds and bitter almonds. With proper supervision from the expert, Laetrile will be generally effective. It can be taken by pill or by intravenous injection just like how our Medical Spa offers. Vitamin Infusion is another therapy that Clarkton Hotel’s Medical Spa is currently offering.  It is the actual infusion of the vitamin to directly to our bloodstream. The vitamins are blended with a solution of salt concentration and normally take up to half an hour before the full absorption of the body. This can serve as a cure for glandular fever, immunity booster and aids in producing collagen that beautifies the skin. Furthermore, Sodium Bicarbonate Infusion is another alternative treatment for the body. The chemical component “Sodium Bicarbonate” is also known as the Baking Soda, one of the household ingredients that are commonly used for natural remedies. It is used to whiten the teeth, to ease an insect bite and to take as an antacid. The element itself has been proven to treat heartburn, acid indigestion, sever diarrhea and sour stomach. If taken through intravenous injection, the solution can cure metabolic acidosis and serve as a good antacid. The following treatments are administered by experts with the doctor’s supervision and therefore it is safe and clinically proven.