Medical Treatments

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Clarkton Hotel’s very own Vital Life Spring Medical Spa branch is one of the prominent health centers in the Philippines. It is headed by one of the leading and credible physicians of the country, Dr. Samuel P. Dizon who is also a founder of Natural Healing and Wellness Center. Our services include medical cares that are proven to be beneficial to our health.   One of these is Acupuncture, it has been widely known in China, and this is their traditional way to release the stress and muscle strains of the body with the use of sanitized needles inserted to different vital points of the body. This kind of treatment is a remedy for chronic pain, headache, muscle pains, back pain, infertility, depression, menopause symptoms and dental pain. It is usually done to cure asthma and anxiety. Another natural medical treatment is Ear Candling; it is known to be one of the swimmers’ means to reduce the frequent headaches and help unplug the ears. Usually, this is an alternative method to eliminate excess wax build up and other debris that are inside our ear canals.  Next is the Foot Ion Detox, this is not your ordinary foot spa, this is a therapy that flushes out all the toxins from the body by soaking your feet with warm salt water and the electrolysis do the trick. It is the electrical current that creates a chemical reaction and therefore helps release all the body contaminants. These are just a few of all the benefits you can have here at Clarkton Hotel’s Vital Life Spring. We have body scrub, charcoal wrap and equipments such as Oscillo-tonometer and Heart Rate Variability Test. Food supplements and herbal medicines are also available here and this will surely help you live a healthy lifestyle.