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Clarkton Hotel’s Medical Spa is willing to help you ease the pain you have been suffering from constipation and they will gladly assist you in the best way possible. Our body is designed to take in our food and convert it into energy through the process of digestion. The body’s digestive system is generally composed of mouth, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and other parts that aid our digestion. Large intestine, also known as the Colon is the final organ where our digested food passes through. After all the nutrients are absorbed from the food we have eaten, the Colon prepares our body to eliminate the waste products from the digestion course. But, there are instances that the Colon is not able to release the toxins from our system and therefore stores it in a longer period of time that causes our body to suffer Constipation, or the difficulty of the body to discharge the bowels. Enema or the “Colonic Irrigation” is one of the answers to this kind of dilemma. Enema is the administration of fluid into the colon or rectum through the anus. It is the only method that can treat colonic and rectal failures. Doctors can actually recommend it for medicinal or diagnostic purposes and you can discuss the terms once you have decided to do the procedure. Enema is an effective way of eliminating excess waste built up in your colon; it cleanses it by aiding your large intestine to easily remove the unwanted by-products of the digested food.