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Many years ago, electricity has been used in the field of medicine, and at this present time it has been widely utilized in operating medical equipments and apparatus. Electrotherapy, on the other hand, is the literal usage of electrical energy for alternative medicinal treatments. Clarkton Hotel’s medical spa offers IV (Intravenous) Laser Therapy that is according to the biological remedy of lasers that boost immune system, stimulate metabolism, and improve cell production and blood circulation. It is proven to cure diseases that cause our immune system to grow weaker. Fatigue, circulatory disorders, skin diseases, diabetes, lipid metabolism diseases, liver dysfunctions, macular disintegration are some of the ailments that an IV Laser Therapy can heal. It can also serve as a prophylactic treatment and contributes to our physical fitness. Aside from IV Laser Therapy, our medical team is also capable of performing Transcutaneous Electronerve Stimulation or T.E.N.S. it is a medical tool that involves the use of a small machine which is battery-operated connected to electrodes. These electrodes will be attached to your skin coming from the TENS machine and you place it to the body’s area of pain. TENS uses a low-voltage of electric current to relieve the body pains. There are several muscular and body pains that has been proven to be healed by TENS. Illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, back pain, tendinitis, neck pain, osteoarthritis, labor pains, other chronic pains and postsurgical pains. The electrical nerve stimulation is proven effective especially the method is “transcutaneous”, which means passing through the skin. All of our medical spa’s alternative therapies are performed under the supervision of our medical experts and you need not to worry about the results. Clarkton Hotel’s medical professionals have been sharing their expertise for a long time and it ensures reliable effects and lasting relief.