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Clarkton Hotel’s Medical Spa offers another type of colonic irrigation. This is the method called Colema or the “Colon Hyrdo-Therapy”; it is the process that is used to eliminate wastes and prevents the body from ingesting the wastes again. It is also a form of Enema but it is larger, in a sense that, Colema requires 14Liters up to 18Liters of purified water while Enema only needs 1-2Liters together with some additives in it. The Colema process is mild yet very effective, you can easily engage into this method while you are comfortably lying down with the Colema Board. The hydro-therapist will take care of the other apparatus needed for the hydration of your colon to fully cleanse the intestines and the treatment lasts for about 30 minutes. One good thing about Vital Life Spring Medical Spa is that they have a private room where you can relax your body and have a more homely feeling without worrying about the intrusion of other customers. Vital Life Spring’s Colema procedure offers three kinds of additives. From Coffee, Charcoal and Herbal enemas that are known to be powerful cleansers that aid the colonic irrigation process and are proven effective in removing toxins from the large intestines. These are all organic variables that effectively flush out the unwanted fecal build up in the colon leading to autointoxication, or the occurrence of blockage in the detoxifying pathways in our body system. This is a kind of ailment that only Colema and Enema can cure. Fatigue, constipation, insomnia, diarrhea, Candida (yeast infection), weight gain are usually the common symptoms of this illness. Therefore, we must always take care of our body especially our internal organs that do most of the work in our overall health. Clarkton’s Vital Life Spring offers solutions and answers to these problems and we are seeking to reach out and be of help to our customers.