Body System Analysis

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Dr Dizon’s Vital Life Spring Wellness Center

is offering you Body System Analyses with a variety of option you can choose from. We have Live Blood Analysis, Dry Blood Analysis, Heart Rate Variability Test, BRI (Bio Resonance Imagery) Scan and the conventional use of Oscillotonometer.

With all of these choices, every evaluation has its distinct finding that will guide our patients to what medical procedures they need to undergo. Traditionally, we make use of “Von Recklinghausen Oscillotonometer” to measure our current level of blood pressure and it is used to monitor the mean blood pressure without the need of the stethoscope.

When we talk of the diagnosis of our body, we fully rely on its results so as to have an idea of what complications are already present in our system. To test our overall health status, we may opt for Vital Life Spring’s Live/Dry Blood Analysis. It works in two different ways; Live Blood Analysis is done by putting a drop of blood drawn from your fingertip using an aseptic lancet and it is placed on a microscope slide for an in-depth observation. “Darkfield” microscope type is used to allow a clear view of the activity and physical appearance of the blood cells wherein there will be a video camera attached to it for examination purposes. Early detection of nutritional deficiencies, condition of the immune system and toxicity are some of the diseases that can be examined through this kind of analysis. On the other hand,

Dry Blood Analysis

is carried out by obtaining a quick puncture from the finger tip and dab the blood 8-16 times into the microscope slide. Unlike in the Live Blood where it is immediately examined, the blood taken will be dried in an open air before the observation. It is used to diagnose chronic fatigue, allergies and asthma. Another body system analysis is

Heart Rate Variability Test

that measures cardiovascular dysfunction and tons of chronic degenerative diseases. It monitors the current condition of the nervous system, emotional stress and medication effects. Furthermore, BRI (Bio Resonance Imagery) Scan is a preventive tool that assess the respiratory system, skeletal system, nervous system, digestive and cardiovascular system. It is an overall examination that has been one of the breakthroughs in the field of medicine.

Dr Dizon’s Vital Life Spring is

composed of professional medical team that is looking forward to render you health services that are exceptionally credible.